"Mommy, Why is There Snow on Your Head?"


Kids. We gotta love ‘em, teach them, raise them… try not to cry in front of them when they make comments aimed right at your pride’s rear-end.

“Mommy? Why is your head growing wires?”

“Hey Mom? I liked your other hair.”

“Mama? Are you ever going to have your old hair again?”


Kids are honest, and they care (even if it sometimes feels like the opposite). Their uninhibited curiosity is a natural part of childhood, which makes your role as their mentor so unique: they are looking to you to help them understand the world around them.


Sometimes “kid remarks” can leave you feeling a bit… vulnerable and unprepared.


But as adults, we’re never off the clock. It’s your job to teach them, guide them, and love them through it all.


And when it comes to your natural hair? Kids have a lot to say:


No matter how a kid feels about your natural hair, their curiosity presents unique teaching opportunities.

We asked Grombre Mama’s to share their advice on how to address children’s questions and concerns about natural hair, and we’ve gathered insights on the good, the bad, and the ugly. These Grombre Mama’s know what’s up, and are here to help.

Here are 15 of our favorite insights from Grombre Mamas:


Every kid is different and so are their reactions and you’re teaching them valuable lessons whether they realize it or not.

By showing them what self acceptance looks like, they’re more likely to embrace it for themselves, too.

Just remember: they’re not perfect (and neither are you).

But you have each other (and us) and you’ll both learn along the way. Keep being amazing, Mama.


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