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Welcome! We’re so glad you’re here and that you’re considering sharing your story with @grombre. You are what makes the Grombre community unique, inspiring and supportive,
and we’re so thankful you’re a part of it.

What You Need to Know Before Submitting:

We receive many inspiring stories every day, which means we aren’t able to post everything sent to us onto the Grombre instagram page, but do not be discouraged if your submission is not posted.

Instead, keep us updated on your journey by submitting at a later date and use hashtags #grombre and #gogrombre when posting updates on your personal account so that the Grombre community can cheer you on (Pro tip: did you know you can follow those hashtags?) Grombre also has a facebook group where you can post, chat, and further connect with the community.

How to Submit, and What to Include:

Do not to submit via direct message on instagram, your submission may get lost. All submissions for posting consideration are received via the email address,, which can be found linked on the @grombre instagram page.

Here’s what to include in your submission email to

  • YOUR PHOTO: At least one high-quality image (see photo submission tips below).

  • YOUR STORY: We want to hear your unique perspective so we can better support you!

  • YOUR INSTAGRAM HANDLE NAME: We work hard to credit each woman who shares their story on our page, so make sure to include your instagram name so you can be tagged in our post.

    • But what is an an instagram handle, anyways? An instagram handle is the name of your instagram account. For example, we are @grombre.

Photo Submission Tips: the Do’s and the Dont’s.

Bogey the dog is getting ready to submit a photo to Grombre. Let’s walk through some tips on how to choose the best photo to share.



Writing Your Story: Tips on Making an Impact with Your Words

You’ve got a unique perspective and we can’t wait to learn from it. Your story has the power to inspire and encourage, and when it does, you’re empowering yourself and those around you.

You’ve probably already read some inspiring Grombre stories that resonate with you, but we want to highlight a few highly effective stories that the Grombre community loved in particular.

First, let’s look at a helpful tip on how not to write a story. We call it ‘the Silver Story Formula,’ and it’s one we’ve all read, and if we’re being honest, it’s one we’ve all written ourselves at some point, too.

How Not to Write Your Story:

“Hi, my name is _____ and I got my first grey hair at the age of _____. It has been _____ months since I last dyed my hair. I’m _____ years old and loving the freedom!”

Great Examples of Grombre Stories:

"I was destined to gray at a young age and I couldn't wait. And when it made its debut while I was in high school, it arrived in the most unique way. A grey spot at the front center of my head. Not a gray strand anywhere else on my head. I loved it! Only two people in my family prior to me had grayed in this way, my maternal relatives, my grandfather and my uncle. It was something that the three of us shared for the longest time. I had inherited this gene. I wore it like a crown. I was proud to represent the third generation of Jones', my mother's maiden name. To me it was a badge of honor, it was natural and it was beautiful. Hiding it was not an option. Growing up I was told that having gray hair was a sign of wisdom. Always believing that I was an old soul, I embraced this notion and my hair even more. Today many men and women applaud me for 'being brave enough' to embrace my gray. Bravery had nothing to do with it. My signature look connects me to my family. I get compliments on my hair from both men and women. Women will compliment and add, 'My hair looks just like yours; but I can't bring myself to wear it that way.' What I've recently noticed is that many more women are wearing it this way. Even women who aren't naturally gray. Gray hair is currently trending as "sexy". Many non-gray young women are dying their hair gray in the name of fashion. I've even been asked if I dyed my hair to look like it does. With a smile I proudly respond, 'No.' I then add that my gray hairs are 'Heavenly highlights compliments of God.' 😊" -Yolande' Evans #grombre #gogrombre


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